Back To School

Ignorance is bliss.  That’s what I’ve decided about dropping Ayub off for school this morning.

Sam and Eleanor have been through this before.  They were both a little apprehensive.  Eleanor doesn’t have any of her friends in her class this year…a situation that hasn’t occurred since Kindergarten.  She knew to be nervous.  Sam is starting middle school today.  Who wouldn’t be a little nervous about that.

But Ayub?  No fear.  Ready to go.  He didn’t even know to be nervous.  That makes me happy.  And sad.  You see, he’s had so many changes in his short life, that it’s status quo for him.  This, to him, is just the next thing.  Friends?  He’ll make them because he always has.  Routine?  He’ll figure it out because he’s had practice.

I look at Ayub marching off toward “big school” and I see something different.  I see a sweet, funny little boy who is TOTALLY unprepared.  He can barely speak the language.  He can’t write his name.  He doesn’t even know his last name most of the time.  He doesn’t understand what school is or what’s going to be expected of him.  He doesn’t know what’s trash and what goes back in the lunch box to bring home.  He doesn’t know how to ask for help if he needs it.  There is just so much that he doesn’t know.

I know, I know…he’ll be fine.  He’ll learn.  He’ll figure it out.  He’ll have a great teacher who will help him catch up.  He’ll make friends.  He’ll do great.

Today, when I dropped him off, he wasn’t ready.  But the good news is that he didn’t know that.


5 responses

  1. I hope he doesn’t figure out what he can’t do. One of the things that finally drove me from teaching was the focus on what kids CAN’T do. I hope his teachers have the sense to focus on all the things he can and has done. He’s an amazing kid.

  2. Your writing skills are as amazing as your photography! I have a feeling that Ayub will do just fine. How could he not with such a good support system? That brilliant smile he sports in all the pictures must mean that he knows already what a lucky little boy he is!

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