Today’s Alphabet Activity

One of the reasons I quit my job is so that I could spend more time helping Ayub to catch up.  My grand plan was that after school, while the older kids did their homework, Ayub  and I could do “homework” too.  Since I wanted to start the school year right, we started this week by learning about the letter A.  (I figured this would be good…either his teacher will start with A or at least it is HIS letter, so it makes sense either way.)  I’m trying to keep it fun, so I’ve been using Pinterest and some homeschooling sites to find some fun activities.  Today we made “A for Apple Pie” treats for snack time.

We started with refrigerator biscuits (a staple food that Ayub WILL eat) and Ayub used slices of apples to make the letter A.

Here is Ayub looking guilty because he ate some of the apple slices.  (And for those of you who are regular readers…note the lack of belt.  We are making progress.)Sprinkle with cinnamon and bake.  Yummy. He still can’t tell you the sound that A makes, but at least we all had a nice snack.


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  1. One thing you can do to help him learn the short a sound is to give him an apple and have him take really big bites while saying “aaaaa.” Take some photos of him doing it. He will get the sense of what his mouth is supposed to be doing and he will associate it with the starting sound of apple. Then you can lose the actual apple and just have him hold his hand as if there were an apple there, and he’s about to take a big bite out of it, again with “aaaaa.” I hope you can picture what I’m talking about.

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