Welcome to America! Again.

We’ve come so far, but sometimes I realize just how much further we have to go!

This morning, we went out to the garage to leave for school.  Andrew’s car was already gone.  Here’s how the conversation went:

Ayub:  Where Daddy?

Me: Daddy’s at work.

Ayub:  Daddy aeroplan?

Me:  No, Daddy drove to work.  He here.  He’ll be home tonight.

Ayub:  Daddy work in America?

Me:  Yes.  We’re all in America.

Ayub:  Tomorrow, I go to America please?

Me:  Ayub, you ARE in America.  THIS is America (pointing around the garage and to the outside world).

Ayub:  No, Mommy, this is home (he says, laughing, as though I were teasing him).

And for those who are wondering how school is going, I’d have to say we’re doing pretty well.  We met with the teacher early this week and she said she’s already seen an improvement.  He obviously struggles with handwriting, due to the lack of exposure to any writing utensils.  He seems to do pretty well with math and counting objects.  Letters are impossible at this point, but we still practice writing them at home.  He has fun…and that’s what matters.  Today I told him he didn’t have school tomorrow.  “WHY NOT?!?!?”  Then I told him he had “three sleeps” and then he’d go to school again.  He immediately faked being asleep for about 15 seconds and then told me the first sleep was over!  To me, that’s proof that he’s in the right place and as long as he enjoys it, the rest will come later.



4 responses

  1. Wonderful narrative explaining Ayub’s understanding of the “American” way. It is good to know that he loves school so much–the rest will come.

  2. Aww! So sweet! When we adopted out daughter, we lived with her overseas for one year before coming back to America. During that year she told my husband that she wanted earrings like mine (pierced). So, he told her several months before we left for the US that she could have pierced ears like mommy when we get to America. She was 6 years old and did not know any English when we adopted her. A year later she gets on a plane and arrives in America. Even though many months had passed since her conversation with daddy, as soon as the plane touched down in Texas, she turned to my husband and said: “Daddy, is this ‘merica?” After he said yes, the next thing she said was, “Where go for my earrings?” 🙂

  3. You are doing great! he loves school, is open to learning, having fun…that is SO important. You are right; the rest will come! Our little guy starts Kindergarten on Tuesday!

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