Sensory Bin

I’ve been feeling a little bad about Lucy lately.  Since school started, we’ve been running non-stop.  Driving kids to school.  Driving another kid to school.  Picking up kids from school.  Driving kids to baseball, swimming, tennis and gymnastics.  I feel like Lucy spends half her day strapped in the car seat, the other half is taken up by eating and napping.  I feel lucky to be able to stay home with her during the day, but I’m starting to realize that she is missing out on some of the things that my other kids had by being in day care.  I started wondering what she would be doing if she had started “school” when the other kids did.  So I’m trying to be more intentional about the way we spend our two hours a day together (yes, after all the carpooling, naptime and lunch, we only really spend two hours alone).

One of the things that I looked for in a good child care center was a sensory table.  You know, filled with water, sand, rice, or other slimy, messy things.  Since I don’t have a table (nor do I have the space for one), I made a mini sensory bin for Lucy this morning.  We started simple with pinto beans, which I was a little surprised to find cost $5 for a 4-lb bag.  But, since I’ll be able to reuse this, I bought two bags.  I buried some of her Little People animals in the bottom, and put two measuring cups on top.

She LOVED it.  She spent the first 15 minutes using the small cup to put beans in the large cup.

Once she realized that the animals were down there, she freaked out a little.  She didn’t want to stick her hand down into it, so she would just dig down until she could pull it out.  She quickly discarded all of them and went back to using the measuring cups.

Overall, she played with this for 45 minutes.  I think she would have played longer, but it was time for lunch.


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