Today, I finally went through some of the videos that we have from our visit to Awash, the small town in the Afar region of Ethiopia where Ayub and Lucy were born.  These videos were taken on the day we visited their birth family, and until now, I just hadn’t been ready to watch them.  I am so, so grateful to our friend David, who travelled to Ethiopia with us, for taking these videos.  I realized as I was watching them that I had forgotten so much already.  Or maybe I’ve just blocked it from my memory to protect myself from my overwhelming emotions about this trip.  Either way, these videos are fabulous reminders of where our kids came from, and I will treasure them always, as I’m sure they will.  I can’t share most of the videos with you, as they contain information that is private to our kids.  However, there are a few clips that show the town where they lived and I thought you might be interested.

Click photo to view video on YouTube.


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