More Sensory Play

Since our first sensory bins with the beans, Lucy has asked almost daily to play in them, so I decided to do some more sensory play.  I found the idea for rainbow rice on Pinterest, and it seemed easy enough to do with an 18-month old.  Here’s are the simple ingredients:I put two cups of rice, 1 Tbs of alcohol, and 5-10 drops of food coloring in Ziploc bags and let Lucy mix the color throughout.  She was not incredibly thrilled with this part of the activity.

And, did I mention that she knows how to open Ziploc bags?  Therefore, this part of the activity was over quickly, and we set the rice on paper plates out in the sun to dry.That was a few days ago.  Today we finally got around to playing with it, and it was much more entertaining than making it.  (Kind of like how eating cherry pie is more fun than baking it.)  I dumped the colors into a pan and let her mix them up with a spoon.Yes, there was some significant spillage, but I swept the floor before we started so that I could just sweep up the rice when we were done.

I also gave her an ice cube tray to fill up with the spoon, but she mainly liked spilling them on her dress and legs to see how they looked.  

Overall, this activity did not hold her attention as long as the beans.  But, once I got out a bag to pick up the leftover rice, she was back into it and wanted to help put the rice in the bag.  I love a girl that knows how to clean up.

As an aside, I think that people in Ethiopia would think this is a strange waste of rice.  It sometimes amazes me how different her life is here with us.


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  1. I love these activities you are doing with her. I need to do some of them with Aberash, because as a sensory seeker herself, I don’t think she can do too many of these activities even ones that may seem younger for her are actually the ones she gravitates to most. Thank you! P.S. Your photos kick ass.

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