Park Math – App Review

I had a request for a good math app, so this week I’m reviewing Park Math.  We have the HD version for iPad.


I really like this one, although it’s very simple.  There is a blue bear who walks you through the park, doing different math activities at each stop.

  • On the swings, the bear counts the number of times a rabbit swings.  (This one is kind of boring, but good for learners who need to hear counting out loud.)
  • On the slide, the bear asks for simple addition.  Since the ducks are all lined up, it’s easy for the player to count them all and get the correct answer.  Or, if they want to actually have the ducks climb up, the can touch the ducks and the numbers at the top actually change so they can see the right answer.  This made it easier for Ayub, since he could count, but not recognize the numbers to get the correct answer.

  • On the seesaw, the learner has to put the same number of mice on each end to balance.  I thought this would be too easy for Ayub, but he actually struggles with it occasionally, mainly because he just starts moving the mice around before he thinks about it.
  • The apple tree asks for basic subtraction by asking how many apples will remain if a certain number fall.  Again, the child can knock off the fallen apples and count the remaining ones.  It even changes the apples so they can tell which ones they’ve already counted.
  • There is sorting on a park bench where kids have to put the dogs in order from small to large.
  • In the sand box, there is a pattern which the learner has to complete.
  • And finally, there is a picnic blanket where the kid has to feed the hippo the correct number of healthy foods.

There are three levels of difficulty, so it can grow with a child.  The description says the three levels correspond to preschool, Kindergarten, and first grade, but we’re still on level one, and it is the same level of addition he’s doing in school.  The graphics are bright and cute.  The game is pretty easy to navigate – even Lucy has played this before.  The instrumental music is tolerable, although anything repeated for more than a few minutes tends to grate on my nerves.  I will admit, this game doesn’t hold Ayub’s attention for as long as some others, but I think that may be because he really has to think on this one.  He has only just recently started playing this, so I’m not sure if he will outgrow it quickly.  It seems like some of the games could get a little repetitive.  For $1.99, I’d say go ahead and give it a try.





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