Another Free Toy

I’m at it again…recycling things to give Lucy something to play with.  I started saving the lids from the baby food squeeze pouches so that I could use them to work with Ayub on his colors.

We’ve done some sorting and some patterns with him, but he wasn’t really all that impressed.  Of course, we also always have on hand an empty baby wipes container.  I don’t particularly like Huggies brand wipes, but I do like the opening in their container.

I poured out the lids, opened the wipes container and let Lucy stick them in the hole.  If I had to describe Lucy’s favorite activity, I’d have to say “putting things into other things,” so she loved this.

She filled the container twice before she wanted to move on to something else.    I named the colors for her and I counted as she put them in.

Then she enjoyed sticking the lids on the end of her fingers and thumbs.  They are a pretty good fit.

I do need to warn you, though, that these lids could be considered a choking hazard, so please watch your child carefully if you do this activity.

Overall, this was a pretty short-lived activity.  I tried again the next day, but she’d pretty much lost interest.  Maybe her days of putting things into other things are almost over, but no loss since there was no financial investment. Although it didn’t have the staying the power of the pom-pom container, it was a win in my book.


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