I did a DYI…no kidding!

I’m not the handiest person around.  Andrew is less handy than me.  So when either of us accomplishes anything DIY, it’s a major event.

This weekend, I decided I wanted a photography backdrop.  They cost $150-200.  But every time I look at one, I think, “I could make that.”  So, this weekend I found some online instructions here and built one myself.

I spent $30 on supplies at Home Depot, including a hack saw, which I bought even though I think we already had one, but I was too lazy to clean out the garage looking for it.

I cut the pieces to size in our living room, since it was cold outside.

I had a little help with assembly, which can be done while watching TV.

And after hanging a sheet with the clamps, here is what you get.  (Yea, maybe should have ironed…will do that in future.)

Although it was difficult to explain to Lucy that the sheet was not for laying on.

I can’t wait to use it for a newborn shoot I have coming up this week.  Stay tuned to see the results.



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