What I’m Thankful For

I haven’t been doing the facebook thing of listing one thing a day, so I thought I’d share what I’m thankful for in a longer post.

  1. I’m thankful that our whole family is together this Thanksgiving.  Last year, we had received our referral, but hadn’t met Ayub and Lucy yet when Thanksgiving rolled around.  It made it hard to be thankful for much.  I really wasn’t even in the spirit.  Then we travelled at the beginning of December, met the kids, and left them behind, which made Christmas pretty crappy.  I was not in the holiday mood.  I didn’t want to buy presents for anyone, since I couldn’t give presents to the two little people who I most wanted to lavish with presents.  I was a grinch.  This year, I can tell that things are already going to be better.  I’m happily making a list and checking it twice, listening to Christmas carols, taking photos for our Christmas cards, and getting ready to deck the halls.  I feel so much more festive.
  2. I’m thankful that I got the kids I got.  When you’re in the adoption process, it’s a strange thing to see waiting kids or  kids that are referred to other families and think “those could have been my kids.”  But now that Ayub and Lucy are here, I feel like they are the only kids who would have been “right” for our family.
  3. I’m thankful this year is coming to an end.  While it has obviously been a year filled with joy (see #1 above), it has been the hardest year ever.  I knew going into this that the first six months would be hard.  But I had no idea how hard.  This journey has been incredible, but it’s one that has taken all I have, both emotionally and physically.  It is hard to parent an older child.  It is hard to provide attachment for a baby.  It is hard meeting the needs of four kids at once.  I’m glad we’ve finally reached a place where things are becoming more manageable.
  4. I’m thankful for the family and friends who have stood by us.  We have sometimes been bad friends in the past year.  We’re never free to go anywhere, do anything, or help anyone else out.  That’s why I’m so glad that some of our friends have helped us unconditionally and remained friends even when times were tough.  I have fewer friends this year than I did at this time last year, but I know they are true friends, willing to take the good with the bad.  Along these lines, I’m also thankful for my online friends.  I used to laugh at people who said they were “friends” with someone they had never met.  But I know now that having a common experience can sometimes outweigh seeing each other in real life.  Thanks to all of you who have given me advice and encouragement – it takes a village.
  5. I’m glad that I’ve been able to stay home from work this year.  I recognize that I complain about the loneliness of it sometimes, but I’m thankful it was a decision that our family COULD make, as I know many don’t have the option.
  6. And, I’m thankful for a million little things: baby food in squeeze pouches, the express lane at Publix, the patience of a certain Kindergarten teacher, the fact that our sewer problem was caused by the city and they have to pay, a van big enough to have homework center during swim practice, and Costco dinner rolls that fooled an Ethiopian into thinking it was dabo.  Life is good.

Now enjoy your pumpkin pie!


2 responses

  1. Great list! I can’t imagine how hard it would have been to go through the holidays knowing about those children – and having met them in December – but not having them home with you. I hope this holiday season is brighter for you!

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