Me and My Shadow

I face the same dilemma that many photographers do.  My photo albums are filled with pictures of my family, but it looks as if I never existed.  Always being behind the camera means that there are no pictures of me.  Part of my photography goals for the year was to include myself in more pictures and to make sure that I had pictures with all four of the kids.  Today, I started with Lucy.  I am still working on learning my new flash, so these were a bit of a stretch.  I used a remote, which I plainly forgot to hide in some of these.  However, since Lucy and I spend our days together every day, I am still glad to have these to prove that for at a least a year, we hung out every day.

DSC_0100 peach

DSC_0108 peach

DSC_0104 peach

DSC_0080 peach

DSC_0085 velvet peachSo what did I learn from this?  Self-portraits are hard.  Self-portraits with a toddler are even harder.



4 responses

  1. What sweet photos! Did you see the article that was making the rounds on FB lately – I think from a blogger for HuffPo – that was about how moms need to be in the pictures? It made the same point that you do, that at some point you’ll want to look back and actually see yourself in the photos. Way to get a good start on that!

  2. I completely understand the lack of photos without mama in them…the first year my daughter was home it looked like she had everyone BUT mama in her life!! I loved the portrait, especially the last one. Thanks .

  3. These are really great! Thanks for sharing them. Since our kids arrived I too seem to have disappeared… Hope you all are well and getting of to a great 2013!!

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