My Current Favorite Toy

A few weeks ago, I was at Toys R Us, and I saw this on clearance:


(Click on photo to go to ToysRUs site.)

Here it is in use.DSC_3577

I figured the pieces were a little small for Lucy, but maybe Ayub would play with it.  It seemed like it would have some math potential for him, so why not?  As it turns out, everyone loves this thing.  Eleanor has even been playing with Ayub.

Here’s what I love about it.  The pie comes with three different double-sided inserts, so you can arrange it to count or sort whatever you want to do that day.DSC_3579

It comes with tongs.  Perfect for those of us who are working on fine motor skills and hand strength.  They are pretty sturdy, too…not too easy to clamp down.  And the fruit is a cool rubberized texture.  It’s soft, but sturdy.DSC_3585

It has matching colors and shapes, so that you can sort them endless ways.  We’ve used them for sorting by shape, by color, and counting.  In addition, we’ve done some patterns and talked about what comes next and why.DSC_3567

It comes with a pie crust lid, so all the pieces can be stored inside it.  DSC_3629

And lastly, it’s fun.  I mean, I really didn’t expect this to hold his attention for too long, but he loves using the tongs and he’ll fill up the pie several times at a sitting.  It’s a quiet activity that actually holds my kid’s attention for longer than five minutes.  What’s not to love?  (Note, I did not ask him to smile or bribe him in any way for this photo.)


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