Today is World Water Day.  It’s not a day I celebrated or even knew about before I started learning more about Ethiopia.  And I don’t think it really even hit home until I saw this:


These jerry cans were sitting outside the door of the hut where Ayub and Lucy were born.  They drank water from these.  They bathed with water from these.  I’ve asked Ayub about them, and he says that the water came from the river.  I’m not sure if that’s true, but if so, this is the river that he’s talking about:

DSC_0884Yes, those are crocodiles.  And they aren’t the only animals who live in this water.  Here’s a little more about the water crisis and how it affects families in developing countries:

Please help.

Here are two great organizations that are helping communities build wells and provide safe drinking water.


profile-photo.jpg.112x112_q85_crop-smartPlease, please, please click on the links above, learn more about this issue, and take a minute and donate $5, $10, or whatever you can to make an impact.  If you can walk to the sink and fill up your cup, consider yourself lucky.  Not everyone has that luxury.


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  1. I saw many people filling up jerry cans from dirty rivers on our trip. That sight certainly changes your perspective every time you turn on the tap at home. And to know that your children may have only had that source of water…

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