Home Alone

Last weekend, I screwed up my courage, packed up the van, and took all four kids out of town BY MYSELF.  This is a big step for me.  I can remember a time, not too long ago, when I couldn’t even manage to take all four kids to the grocery store.  We went about four hours away to see Uncle Davey.  We went to the zoo, played at the park, did some shopping, had an Ethiopian dinner, had a mini reunion with one of Ayub’s friends from Ethiopia, and stayed in a hotel.  Did I mention that I was BY MYSELF.  To be fair, Uncle Davey was a huge help, but he did have to go back to work on Monday, so I had all four BY MYSELF all day.

DSC_3880 DSC_3897 edits 2You may be asking yourself, “Why would she do all that BY HERSELF?”  The answer, my friends, is that it was a fair trade.  You see, while I was off on this wild adventure, Andrew was at home.  Relaxing.  And now, he has all the kids at his parent’s house, which leaves me at home.  Relaxing.  It’s not quite a “family vacation,” but it’s totally worth it.  Andrew and I were both in need of some down time.  Our batteries have been low for a while, and it’s just really hard these days to catch up.  Someone always needs our helps or craves our attention, so there’s no relaxing when the kids are around.  We could have all gone together, but then we both would have been exhausted for the entire week.  This way, we both pay our dues, and we both get an uninterrupted relaxation time.  It is somewhat disappointing that I’m not actually getting to spend any time with Andrew, as I do still like to hang out with him.  But for now, this may be the perfect solution to get both of us back our A game.

What am I enjoying most about my time home alone?  Not eating.  Actually, I am eating, I’m just not doing it on a schedule.  There are not three meals a day with an afternoon snack.  I eat something when I’m hungry, and if I’m not hungry, I don’t bother.  I’m loving it.



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  1. I totally and completely understand this and applaud your finding a way to accommodate everyone’s needs and get a break. Eventually you all may be in a place to vacation together or even you and spouse go off on your own, but for now, a couple of days to yourself eating when you want, if you want and what you want and having no one need you sounds perfect. Enjoy.

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