Here’s a fun one.  For Valentine’s Day, my mom sent the kids a puzzle.  She had opened it and sorted the pieces into individual bags.  In addition, there was a bag for me, with no puzzle pieces, but a $20 bill and a note explaining that if the kids could work together (without fighting) and finish the puzzle, then I was to use the money to take them out for ice cream.  It didn’t say what to do if there was fighting, so I told the kids that I would get to keep the $20.

Well, we finally had a free night, and so I pulled it out and gave handed out the pieces.

DSC_3649Yes, Ayub, I was skeptical, too.  DSC_3652But everyone worked together.  DSC_3661There was much cooperation.  DSC_3669Even Lucy put her one piece in.  DSC_3674And I lost out on a free $20.  DSC_3678 DSC_3684 DSC_3691 DSC_3711


6 responses

  1. What a clever and thoughtful mother and grandmother!!! And yet another reminder to me that I’m blessed to have a clever and thoughtful friend, too!

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