Look Who’s Six!

Our little guy turned six last week.  Last year, his birthday was very low key.  We had only been home from Ethiopia for a few weeks, and he was still shellshocked.  This year, he has been asking for 29 days if “today my birthday?”  I’ve heard that adopted kids sometime get sad or reflective around their birthdays, thinking possibly of their birth mothers.  Not ours.  I don’t know if he’s put together what a “birth” day is, he just knew there would be presents.

DSC_4080We let him open presents in the morning, which we have always done with our other kids.  He, however, was not pleased at having to go to school and leave the presents behind.  Now that I think about it…it seems like we could have totally averted that tantrum if we’d thought it through.  But, after school, all was well.  Ethiopian food for dinner (messir wat and shiro) and chocolate cake.


(Note: that is neither a booger or  a drawn-on Hitler mustache.  He was swinging between two desks at school and fell on his nose, leaving a little scab above his lip.  Classic Ayub.)

So, here’s a run-down on Ayub at age 6:

Likes:  superheroes, monster trucks, hot dogs, TV, gymnastics, playgrounds, talking loud, singing along with the radio, school.

Dislikes:  getting dressed in the morning, homework, any kind of healthy protein, bedtime, school (yes, it’s on both lists).

Ayub is a funny kid.  He loves nothing more than to get a good laugh, and physical comedy is his specialty.  He loves playing with cars, and has recently started picking up a book and sitting down to “read” on his own.  He gets frustrated quickly, and is quick to blame others (“mommy, it your fault”) for anything.  But when he decides to give out some love, he gives it big, usually in the form of bear hugs which could knock over a grown elephant.  He is super-active, and goes full-speed all day, only to drop into bed and be asleep within seconds.

In some ways, it’s hard to believe he’s been with us for a whole year.  In other ways, it seems like forever.  And on his birthday, I’m reminded that he has only been with us for 17% of his life.  That’s really a very short period of time when you think about it.



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  1. His handsome face looks a little more grown up. It’s always the mother’s fault, don’t you know that by now? Happy birthday to that funny boy!

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