What I’ve Been Up To

I haven’t posted much on the blog lately.  Not because a lot wasn’t going on, but because I couldn’t talk about it.  But now we have official news…we’re moving.

Andrew has accepted a new job.  I’ve tried not to disclose our current location on this blog, but suffice it to say that we’re moving from a state known for it’s warm weather, beaches, oranges and a magic kingdom:

Photo by Dawn Ossont

Photo by Dawn Ossont

to a state where we’ll need snow shovels, down coats and mittens.  If anyone has advice on shopping for snow shoes, keeping gloves and scarves for four kids organized, or driving advice for icy streets, please let me know.

Getting to this point has been tough for all of us.  We were invited to two onsite interviews/visits, which meant we had to secure child care for four kids for three days, and we had to do it two different times.  Thanks to an awesome babysitter and a fantastic grandmother, the kids did really well without us.  We had some minor re-entry issues, but for the most part, everyone did great.  And, as an added bonus, we got to meet a fellow blogger while on one of our trips.  She left for Ethiopia today to pick up her little one, so sending her good vibes.

Then, because we knew a job offer was pending, we went ahead and put our house on the market.  Our realtor was optimistic that because of our location and some unique features to our house, it would sell quickly.  Sure enough, we put it on the market on a Friday morning, had 14 showings in the next four days, and had a signed offer by day 6.  I’ve never vacuumed so much in my life.  It seemed like every time one realtor left, another called to set up a time.  It was truly exhausting trying to keep the house ready to show with four kids, so I’m glad it only lasted a short while.

Since we sold our house, the next step was to find a place to move into.  This time, rather than Andrew and I traveling together, I took Sam with me.  Sweet Sam is very much a need-to-know-all-the-details kind of kid, so I knew it would help him a lot to be able to see the town and the house we would be moving into.  It was a fun trip.  We saw four houses on the first day, and eight on the second.  We made an offer on one that afternoon (the paperwork at the realtor’s office was the only time Sam was truly more of a hinderance than a help), and they accepted it the next day.  Whew!

The following week, Andrew needed to go to the new place to meet with some people about his new job.  He was gone for three days, but got to see the new house.  (And, for the record, he approved of our choice.  It would have sucked if he hadn’t liked it.)

So life has been a whirlwind.  We’re now trying to start purging what we won’t be taking with us and packing things we won’t need for the rest of the summer.  We’re trying to maintain some kind of “regular” life.  The kids are out of school, Eleanor is in high gear with swim team, Ayub and Lucy are both taking gymnastics, and we’re trying to do some homeschooling in between (more on that in a future post).

Andrew will be moving the last weekend in June.  Then I’ll be here with the kids for two weeks, we’ll meet at the beach for a week, and the rest of us will move the following week.  EEK!  Sounds crazy the more I think about it, so I choose to not think about it much.


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  1. Not knowing which cold, snowy state you have chosen to move to, I can only given general suggestions but WELCOME! We live in New Hampshire (probably not where you are coming but if it is, let me know). Cold weather gear – for the little kids go to consignment stores – kids grow out of snow stuff each year and there are always good deals. The little kids will need doubles of snow clothes because one set always seems to be wet. Snow stuff is often on sale in the summer when the stores are trying to clear out. Boots – get ones with liners, so you can take the liners out and dry them and yes, a second pair of liners is helpful. Mittens – many. Easy to find. Don’t buy expensive ones unless you plan to ski. They get lost. Snow shovels, also easy to find everywhere. Every store from pharmacy to Tar*et to the big “W” store has what you need. Ask the other moms in your new schools what works best for them and where they got it. Many towns/schools/ ski hills do a “ski swap” in the Fall with used equipment and clothing. Go. It is a good way to get ice skates etc. Make friends with someone who knits hats (or learn). Easy to do and you never have too many. Plan a vacation for Winter break (Feb) or Spring Break (April) because you will be sick of the cold and /or mud/snow/ice.
    You will find that unless it is very cold, big kids refuse to wear coats – it is just a “thing”. A weird thing, but a “thing”.
    Good luck with the move, the adventure and the transition. 🙂 AnnaJ

  2. Wow, you have been BUSY. But it sounds like a big move like this couldn’t have gone any smoother given all the variables which must be such a relief. Snow for the kids is awesome, for us and our aching knees not so much 🙂

  3. Such an exciting summer ahead of you, fully of even more busy-ness! Good luck with it all as you make these really big changes.

    I *love* that photo of you with your kiddos!

  4. Wow! That is big news! Crazy and exciting all built into one. I second a lot of what AnnaJ said above… especially the part about consignment! As for organizing winter gear?! Bins will be your best friend. I’ll save the rest of my tips for when you need to worry about them. In the meantime, enjoy the smooth transition of hot weather to hot weather that summer is offering you!

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