Sometimes, in all the madness that surrounds life with Ayub, I forget what a sweet, compassionate kid he is.

Today is hat day at school.  Kids are allowed to wear a hat if they bring $1 for cancer research.  So, this morning, I emptied out our change jar into a Ziploc bag and handed it to Ayub.  I told him to give it to his teacher so that he could wear a hat.  He wanted to know why, so I told him it was for cancer research.  This led to a lengthy explanation on my part of what cancer is, that it is a disease that many makes many people sick, and that some people even die from it.  I was rushing around getting the kids ready for school, so didn’t really stop to have the conversation, even though I could see he was very serious about it.  He walked away, I assumed to put the money in his backpack.  But he stopped at the fridge and pulled out an apple.  Used to living with an ADHD kid, I just assumed he’d gotten distracted (again) and forgot what he was doing, so I asked him if he was taking that apple to eat at snack time.  His response?  “No, I’m gonna give it to the sick people.”  Huh?  “I learned that if you eat an apple every day, you won’t need a doctor.”  Oh, my sweet, innocent, little boy.  He frustrates me to no end, but inside he has such a big heart.  And to him, the apple was a much more real way to help a sick person than a bag full of money.



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