Oh Yes I Did…

A few months ago, our house was burglarized in the middle of the night.  We were all home sleeping.  A strange man walked into my bedroom.  That’s right…the boldest (or drunkest) ever thief.  Needless to say, I’ve been having a bit of trouble sleeping since then.  We installed a landline (he stole all of our cell phones, making it difficult to contact the police) and activated the security system.  I still didn’t feel safe.  I still woke at every sound.  I still couldn’t fall asleep.

So, I did what any mother of four who is looking for a job, going back to school and has too much on her plate already would do.  I got a dog.

DSC_4098Meet Albus DumbleTHOR.  He’s a 107-pound, 1-year-old great dane.  Andrew and I had two great danes when we were first married, and they are the funniest, goofiest dogs around.  But I realized that I always felt safe when they were around. Better than ADT.  And, to add to his goofy personality, he is slightly cross-eyed.

DSC_4052We had our first obedience class last night.  Let’s just say I doubt he’ll be valedictorian.  And in true dane fashion, he spent his first week with us nursing an injury after he cut the pad on his right leg.

DSC_4095I told the kids that his first owner couldn’t keep him because she couldn’t take care of him.  A parallel that did not escape our adopted kiddos.


6 responses

  1. I’m slowly catching up on blogs here and stumbled across this…
    1. How incredibly scary!! I cannot even imagine.
    2. How incredibly cute! I adore the new addition… adorable!

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