Eight is Great

And another year has clicked by.  Ayub turned eight today.


At eight, Ayub is amazing.  He is the kid who definitely can make my emotions swing the farthest in both directions.  I feel sometimes like I am living on the verge of tears. One minute I want to cry because he is so out of control – hitting his brother or racing after his sister saying he wishes she was dead – and I wonder if we will ever get this under control.  The next minute I feel the lump in my throat because I’m trying to get school accommodations, and I know that they will never understand that the precious kid who sits in that classroom is capable of so much more if only they find a way to tap into the way his brain works. Then I cry tears of joy when the principal calls to tell me about a fight he was in at school, in which “he did everything right,” tried to deescalate the situation, and tried to protect his friend from a bully.  This kid.  He is so full of surprises.

At eight, here’s a run-down of Ayub’s favorite things.  In no particular order.

  • Army guys
  • Knights, castles, and battles
  • Messir Wat
  • Taco Bell
  • Comic books
  • Wii
  • Wild Kratts
  • Science
  • Bear hugs
  • Hot sauce
  • Bike riding
  • Coffee
  • Long showers

And a few things he doesn’t like.

  • Winter
  • Cheese

Happy birthday, dude.  May this year be a great adventure.