About Me

I’m the mom of four kids.

2 + 2 = 4

2 girls + 2 boys = 4

2 biological + 2 adopted = 4

2 elementary school + 2 not = 4

2 born in America + 2 born in Ethiopia = 4

2 that can make their own lunch + 2 that can’t = 4

Any way you slice it, I have four kids.

Here are some random things about me…may they help you get to know me:

  • I have a love of photography and images.
  • My favorite food is cherry pie.
  • I believe that all kids deserve clean water, access to health care, education, and a loving family.
  • I would rather be at a baseball game than almost anywhere else.
  • I love to go on vacation, but hate to pack for it.
  • I wish I could take a nap every day.
  • I am addicted to children’s books.
  • My shopping mantra is “If you can’t get it at Target, you probably don’t need it.”

2 responses

  1. You crack me up, I love your list describing yourself. – I have been reading blogs this week…learning new things, enjoying other people’s adoption stories (feeling sentimental I guess, my nearly 18 year old daughter was 10 months when I adopted her in China…17 years ago this coming Tuesday). All of you kids are beautiful….I miss having a baby – your littlest daughter’s chubby cheeks are awesome! I share your addiction to children’s books and cherry pie as well as your belief that all kids need and deserve clean water, access to health care, education and loving families. Being the mama of a teen now almost adult, I am amazed at the evolution of the adoption communities since I adopted.
    Thanks for sharing. I will look forward to your updates and stories. jh

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