The New Toy

Lucy doesn’t really like toys.  Not dolls.  Not blocks.  Not anything that makes noise, lights up or plays music.  Although she is surrounded by toys, she isn’t really entertained by them.  For a while, her favorite activity was putting linking rings into an empty tissue box.  With that in mind, I set out to find something that would occupy her for a while when I was busy helping the bigger kids with homework.  The result?  The amazing pom-pom stuffer:

I had a few bags of pom poms that I had purchased a while back in the Dollar Spot at Target.  This was the only financial investment in this project.  I took an empty butter container and asked Eleanor to make it pretty.  Lately she has been loving designer duct tape, so she used a little to spice it up.  (She picked the fast food tape because, “Lucy likes to eat, right?”)  Let’s face it, this toy would not be nearly as cool with the Country Crock logo staring at you.  Once it was beautified, I cut some small holes in the top, slightly smaller than the pom poms so that she has to work to get them in there.

And the result?  She loves it.  She played with this more in the last 24 hours than any of the fancy toys we have.  Added bonus, it’s quiet.

Excuse the crazy hair…she played while I finished my breakfast.

Fine motor skills…here we come!

You gotta hold your tongue right to make it work.


8 responses

  1. This is too cute. I love how the less expensive and less fancy the toy is, the more she likes it. And she is so darn cute holding her tongue like that while concentrating.

  2. Look at that focus. Atta girl! Our kids aren’t that into toys either. M has his legos and that can occupy him for a long time; but he’s not all that interested. He’s more of an outside guy. m has zero interest in toys. It’s improving,b ut we aren’t pushing it. We have some little girls on the block who treat her like a doll…does that count?

  3. I am loving your blog, your handmade toys/activities, and your photography! And thank you for your kind words on my post. It does help to know others have made is through and are on the other side. Thanks.


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