Queen of Fools

It’s been a pretty busy week around here.  Three holidays is a lot.   Three holidays?  Yes.  Ayub’s birthday.  Easter.  And…APRIL FOOL’S DAY.  Andrew and Sam have always been quite good at the pranks.  This year, I decided I’d step up my game a notch.  And I am AWESOME at this!

Trick #1:  I replaced the contents of the chip bags with matchstick carrots and glued them sealed again.  Packed in Sam and Eleanor’s lunches.  They were both quite upset with me, but especially Eleanor, since she was “really craving Cheetos.”


Trick #2: I safety-pinned all of Sam’s underwear together so that when he took the pair on top, they all came out in one long chain.  This cracked him up.  So much so, that he walked naked into the kitchen to show everyone, which made it even more amusing.

Trick #3: I put a raisin into the toothpaste tube.  I really didn’t know who would end up getting this one, since most of the kids brush their teeth in our bathroom, for reasons passing my understanding.  Turns out it was Sam.  He spotted it before he squeezed it out on his toothbrush, so I was a little disappointed, but he was sufficiently grossed out anyway.

Trick #4:  Sam gets home from school at about 4:40.  We were all going to be out at various activities, so I knew he would be home alone.  I set every clock/device in our house to go off at 4:45.  There were eight all together.  This is a transcript of the voicemail I received at 4:46:

“What is going on?!?!  I’m in the middle of getting dressed.  I’m just…I’m half naked and every alarm clock in the house goes off.  Hope you can get back to me with an answer.  There goes another one…”

Yes.  I am quite pleased with myself.  And maybe I’ll get around to a post about Easter sometime, but frankly, it didn’t amuse me the way this did!


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